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Frequently Asked Questions

· How long will my requests stay open?
· When will the material I ordered be available for shipping?
· How much will my orders cost?
· Do you provide quotations?
· Do I have to live on the East Coast to be a member of East Coast Exchange?

How long will my requests stay open?
For as long as it takes to acquire the material. Absolute holds your orders indefinitely and will continue to rework your orders until all avenues of supply have been exhausted. Based upon which service level you choose, you may decide to have Absolute do a 'one-time' search or designate a time frame to close your orders. It's your choice.

When will the material I ordered be available for shipping?
Titles that are in stock are dispatched within one to two weeks. Remaining titles will vary from origin of supplier. Generally, domestic suppliers provide material within 30 days and international suppliers are 60-90 days. We claim our outstanding orders every 30 days to ensure our clients that your journals arrive in a timely manner.

How much will my orders cost?
It depends on the journal and where it is obtained from. Most popular titles are fairly inexpensive whereas scientific, technical and medical journals are more costly. Your library may choose a 'ceiling limit' on journals that are over a certain price. Many of our clients prefer to utilize a maximum 'per issue' price. For instance, you may choose to have Absolute quote your library for any single issue over $50.00 and complete volumes over $150.00. International orders are preferred on a Proforma basis and funds will need to be received before orders are placed.

Do you provide quotations?
Absolute will provide you with a quotation on complete volumes and runs only. We prefer that any single issue orders are on an open-order basis; however, single issues that exceed your limit will be quoted. Absolute utilizes three different avenues to search for material: our inventory, our vendor network's inventory and publisher back stock. Inventory changes constantly and because we want to assure you that your titles will be still be available, we cannot provide quotations on single issue orders, except as listed above.

Do I have to live on the East Coast to be a member of East Coast Exchange?
Absolutely not! Simply send us your duplicate journals from the past 2-3 years and you are automatically a member. We accept any issues with the exception of newsletters, state periodicals and multiple copies of the same issue. Weekly magazines are acceptable, provided they are not the majority of the shipment. As a member, you will receive ANY single issue in our online inventory for $10.00 per bibliographic number plus postage and handling. Complete volumes are discounted by 20%.

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