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Services: Appraisals

If your library needs to have an appraisal, or patrons of your library require an evaluation, Absolute is recognized as an expert in the field. We provide bonafide appraisals for insurance and tax purposes.

Insurance Purposes - In the unlikely event your collection is damaged by water, fire, theft etc., your insurance company will require an evaluation. Absolute provides the necessary information for you to restore your collection. We have the experience to work with your insurance company to establish a "replacement value" for lost/damaged material. We provide detailed information necessary for settlement. Once an agreement has been consummated, we then work with our world-wide network of contacts to replace and restore the desired titles.

Tax Purposes - Absolute receives many calls each year (especially in early Spring) to assist in evaluating material that is being donated. The giving party requires a value for their submission on their personal tax returns. Caution - If you are the receiving library of a donation, we recommend that you do not give a value as you may be liable if that party is audited. Absolute is recognized as a leader in the field and will gladly provide a "fair market" appraisal directly to the donating party. Fees vary depending on the amount of titles and volumes donated.

 "Your completed library collection today, will educate for tomorrow." 
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