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 IUD: 2874910369-7827 OSIRIS (WOMEN, GENDER, AND SCIENCE)A6CPT1990$50.00
 IUD: 1525500369-7827 OSIRIS (WOMEN, GENDER, AND SCIENCE)A12CPT1997$50.00
 IUD: 3626240369-7827 OSIRIS (WOMEN, GENDER, AND SCIENCE)A19CPT2004$50.00
 IUD: 4236580369-7827 OSIRIS (WOMEN, GENDER, AND SCIENCE)A21CPT2006$50.00
 IUD: 5345350369-7827 OSIRIS (WOMEN, GENDER, AND SCIENCE)A23CPT2008$50.00
 IUD: 5879390369-7827 OSIRIS (WOMEN, GENDER, AND SCIENCE)A24CPT2009$50.00
 IUD: 6727640369-7827 OSIRIS (WOMEN, GENDER, AND SCIENCE)A25CPT2010$50.00
 IUD: 6727650369-7827 OSIRIS (WOMEN, GENDER, AND SCIENCE)A26CPT2011$50.00
 IUD: 7052920369-7827 OSIRIS (WOMEN, GENDER, AND SCIENCE)A28CPT2013$50.00
 IUD: 7544310369-7827 OSIRIS (WOMEN, GENDER, AND SCIENCE)A30CPT2015$50.00
 IUD: 7664450369-7827 OSIRIS (WOMEN, GENDER, AND SCIENCE)A31CPT2016$50.00

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