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 IUD: 6215291040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7011993$30.00
 IUD: 6215301040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7021993$30.00
 IUD: 6215311040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7031993$30.00
 IUD: 6215321040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7041993$30.00
 IUD: 6215331040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7051993$30.00
 IUD: 6215341040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7081993$30.00
 IUD: 6215351040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7091993$30.00
 IUD: 6215361040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM70101993$30.00
 IUD: 6215371040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM70111993$30.00
 IUD: 6215381040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM70121993$30.00
 IUD: 6215391040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7291995$30.00
 IUD: 6215401040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM72101995$30.00
 IUD: 6215411040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM72121995$30.00
 IUD: 6215421040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7311996$30.00
 IUD: 6215431040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7321996$30.00
 IUD: 6215441040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7331996$30.00
 IUD: 6215451040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7341996$30.00
 IUD: 6215461040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7351996$30.00
 IUD: 6215471040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7371996$30.00
 IUD: 6215481040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7381996$30.00
 IUD: 6215491040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7391996$30.00
 IUD: 6215501040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM73101996$30.00
 IUD: 6215511040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM73121996$30.00
 IUD: 6215531040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7411997$30.00
 IUD: 6215541040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7421997$30.00
 IUD: 6215551040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7431997$30.00
 IUD: 6215561040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7451997$30.00
 IUD: 6215571040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7461997$30.00
 IUD: 6217741040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7471997$30.00
 IUD: 6208921040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7481997$30.00
 IUD: 6208931040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7491997$30.00
 IUD: 6208941040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM74101997$30.00
 IUD: 6217751040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM74111997$30.00
 IUD: 6217761040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM74121997$30.00
 IUD: 6217641040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM75CPT1998$350.00
 IUD: 6216611040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7611999$30.00
 IUD: 6216621040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7621999$30.00
 IUD: 6216631040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7631999$30.00
 IUD: 6216641040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7641999$30.00
 IUD: 6209051040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7651999$30.00
 IUD: 6209061040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7661999$30.00
 IUD: 6209071040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7671999$30.00
 IUD: 6209081040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7681999$30.00
 IUD: 6209091040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7691999$30.00
 IUD: 6209101040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM76101999$30.00
 IUD: 6209111040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM76111999$30.00
 IUD: 6209121040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM76121999$30.00
 IUD: 1709931040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM76CPT1999$350.00
 IUD: 3270941040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7712000$30.00
 IUD: 3270951040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7722000$30.00
 IUD: 3270961040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7732000$30.00
 IUD: 600751040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7742000$30.00
 IUD: 3270971040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7752000$30.00
 IUD: 3270981040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7762000$30.00
 IUD: 3270991040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7772000$30.00
 IUD: 3271001040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7782000$30.00
 IUD: 3271011040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7792000$30.00
 IUD: 600761040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM77122000$30.00
 IUD: 3270921040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM77CPT2000$350.00
 IUD: 1050721040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7912002$30.00
 IUD: 1050731040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7922002$30.00
 IUD: 4143311040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM7912S2002$30.00
 IUD: 2485261040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8012003$30.00
 IUD: 2485271040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8022003$30.00
 IUD: 4143561040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8032003$30.00
 IUD: 4143571040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8042003$30.00
 IUD: 4143581040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8052003$30.00
 IUD: 4143591040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8072003$30.00
 IUD: 4143601040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8082003$30.00
 IUD: 4143611040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8092003$30.00
 IUD: 4143331040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM80102003$30.00
 IUD: 4143341040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM80112003$30.00
 IUD: 2663141040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8112004$30.00
 IUD: 2660421040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8122004$30.00
 IUD: 3178991040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM81CPT2004$350.00
 IUD: 3222081040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8212005$30.00
 IUD: 3356551040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8232005$30.00
 IUD: 3458311040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8242005$30.00
 IUD: 3458321040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8252005$30.00
 IUD: 3540501040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8262005$30.00
 IUD: 3540511040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8272005$30.00
 IUD: 3762631040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8282005$30.00
 IUD: 3762651040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM82102005$30.00
 IUD: 3780851040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM82112005$30.00
 IUD: 5393151040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM82122005$30.00
 IUD: 4160851040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM82CPT2005$350.00
 IUD: 3891841040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8312006$30.00
 IUD: 3943821040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8322006$30.00
 IUD: 3932121040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8332006$30.00
 IUD: 4071781040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8342006$30.00
 IUD: 4066611040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8352006$30.00
 IUD: 4211821040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8362006$30.00
 IUD: 4214541040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8372006$30.00
 IUD: 4214551040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8382006$30.00
 IUD: 4452991040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8392006$30.00
 IUD: 4451731040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM83112006$30.00
 IUD: 5239621040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8412007$30.00
 IUD: 4584511040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8422007$30.00
 IUD: 4770001040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8432007$30.00
 IUD: 4780891040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8442007$30.00
 IUD: 5178731040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8512008$30.00
 IUD: 5178741040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8522008$30.00
 IUD: 5178751040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8532008$30.00
 IUD: 5178761040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8542008$30.00
 IUD: 5330511040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8552008$30.00
 IUD: 5330521040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8562008$30.00
 IUD: 5333351040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8572008$30.00
 IUD: 5449341040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8582008$30.00
 IUD: 5449361040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM85112008$30.00
 IUD: 5594451040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM85CPT2008$350.00
 IUD: 5584541040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8622009$30.00
 IUD: 5584551040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8632009$30.00
 IUD: 5724391040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8642009$30.00
 IUD: 5719291040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8652009$30.00
 IUD: 6011701040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8712010$30.00
 IUD: 6328741040-5488 OPTOMETRY AND VISION SCIENCEM8812011$30.00

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