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 IUD: 217230030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW91221993$20.00
 IUD: 217240030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW91351993$20.00
 IUD: 217250030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW91361993$20.00
 IUD: 217260030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW91411993$20.00
 IUD: 217270030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW91441993$20.00
 IUD: 217280030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW91521993$20.00
 IUD: 217290030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW92201994$20.00
 IUD: 217300030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW92491994$20.00
 IUD: 217310030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW92501994$20.00
 IUD: 217320030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW92521994$20.00
 IUD: 216890030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9311995$20.00
 IUD: 216900030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9321995$20.00
 IUD: 216910030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9331995$20.00
 IUD: 216920030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9341995$20.00
 IUD: 216930030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9351995$20.00
 IUD: 216940030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9361995$20.00
 IUD: 216950030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9371995$20.00
 IUD: 216960030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9391995$20.00
 IUD: 216970030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93101995$20.00
 IUD: 216980030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93111995$20.00
 IUD: 216990030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93121995$20.00
 IUD: 217000030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93131995$20.00
 IUD: 217010030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93141995$20.00
 IUD: 217020030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93151995$20.00
 IUD: 217030030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93161995$20.00
 IUD: 217040030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93171995$20.00
 IUD: 217050030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93181995$20.00
 IUD: 217060030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93191995$20.00
 IUD: 217070030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93201995$20.00
 IUD: 217080030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93211995$20.00
 IUD: 217090030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93221995$20.00
 IUD: 217100030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93231995$20.00
 IUD: 217110030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93261995$20.00
 IUD: 217120030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93271995$20.00
 IUD: 217130030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93281995$20.00
 IUD: 216880030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93341995$20.00
 IUD: 217140030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93361995$20.00
 IUD: 217150030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93371995$20.00
 IUD: 217160030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93381995$20.00
 IUD: 217170030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93391995$20.00
 IUD: 217180030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93401995$20.00
 IUD: 217190030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93411995$20.00
 IUD: 217200030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93421995$20.00
 IUD: 217210030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93431995$20.00
 IUD: 217220030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW93441995$20.00
 IUD: 307890030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW94301996$20.00
 IUD: 307900030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW94431996$20.00
 IUD: 339150030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9511997$20.00
 IUD: 339160030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9521997$20.00
 IUD: 339170030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9531997$20.00
 IUD: 339180030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9541997$20.00
 IUD: 339190030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9551997$20.00
 IUD: 339200030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9561997$20.00
 IUD: 339210030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9571997$20.00
 IUD: 339220030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9581997$20.00
 IUD: 339230030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9591997$20.00
 IUD: 339240030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95101997$20.00
 IUD: 339250030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95111997$20.00
 IUD: 339260030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95121997$20.00
 IUD: 339270030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95131997$20.00
 IUD: 339280030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95141997$20.00
 IUD: 339290030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95151997$20.00
 IUD: 339300030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95161997$20.00
 IUD: 339310030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95171997$20.00
 IUD: 339320030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95181997$20.00
 IUD: 339330030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95191997$20.00
 IUD: 339340030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95201997$20.00
 IUD: 339350030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95211997$20.00
 IUD: 339360030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95221997$20.00
 IUD: 339370030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95231997$20.00
 IUD: 339380030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95241997$20.00
 IUD: 339390030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95251997$20.00
 IUD: 339400030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95261997$20.00
 IUD: 339140030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW95451997$20.00
 IUD: 72570030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9611998$20.00
 IUD: 72580030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9621998$20.00
 IUD: 72590030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9631998$20.00
 IUD: 72600030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9641998$20.00
 IUD: 72610030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9651998$20.00
 IUD: 72620030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9661998$20.00
 IUD: 72630030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9671998$20.00
 IUD: 72640030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9681998$20.00
 IUD: 72530030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW96141998$20.00
 IUD: 72540030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW96301998$20.00
 IUD: 72550030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW96321998$20.00
 IUD: 72560030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW96431998$20.00
 IUD: 511440030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9741999$20.00
 IUD: 511450030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9751999$20.00
 IUD: 511460030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW97291999$20.00
 IUD: 511470030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW97381999$20.00
 IUD: 511480030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW97391999$20.00
 IUD: 511490030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW97401999$20.00
 IUD: 511500030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW97411999$20.00
 IUD: 511510030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW97421999$20.00
 IUD: 511520030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW97431999$20.00
 IUD: 3797420030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW98SUP2000$20.00
 IUD: 904020030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9912001$20.00
 IUD: 904030030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9922001$20.00
 IUD: 904040030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9932001$20.00
 IUD: 904050030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9942001$20.00
 IUD: 904060030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9952001$20.00
 IUD: 904070030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9962001$20.00
 IUD: 904080030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9972001$20.00
 IUD: 904090030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9982001$20.00
 IUD: 904100030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW9992001$20.00
 IUD: 904110030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99102001$20.00
 IUD: 904120030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99112001$20.00
 IUD: 904130030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99122001$20.00
 IUD: 904140030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99132001$20.00
 IUD: 1717020030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99272001$20.00
 IUD: 1717030030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99282001$20.00
 IUD: 1717040030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99292001$20.00
 IUD: 1717050030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99312001$20.00
 IUD: 1930440030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99322001$20.00
 IUD: 1717060030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99332001$20.00
 IUD: 1930450030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99342001$20.00
 IUD: 904010030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99352001$20.00
 IUD: 1717070030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99362001$20.00
 IUD: 1717080030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99372001$20.00
 IUD: 1717090030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99422001$20.00
 IUD: 1717100030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99432001$20.00
 IUD: 2468030030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99472001$20.00
 IUD: 3139680030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW99INDEX2001$20.00
 IUD: 1930460030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW10012002$20.00
 IUD: 1930470030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW10022002$20.00
 IUD: 1930480030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW10032002$20.00
 IUD: 1930490030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW10042002$20.00
 IUD: 1930500030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW10052002$20.00
 IUD: 1930510030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW10062002$20.00
 IUD: 1930520030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW10072002$20.00
 IUD: 1930530030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW10082002$20.00
 IUD: 1930540030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW10092002$20.00
 IUD: 1930550030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100102002$20.00
 IUD: 1930560030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100112002$20.00
 IUD: 1930570030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100122002$20.00
 IUD: 1930580030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100132002$20.00
 IUD: 1930590030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100142002$20.00
 IUD: 1930600030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100152002$20.00
 IUD: 1930610030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100162002$20.00
 IUD: 1930620030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100172002$20.00
 IUD: 1930630030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100182002$20.00
 IUD: 1930640030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100192002$20.00
 IUD: 1930650030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100202002$20.00
 IUD: 1930660030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100212002$20.00
 IUD: 1930670030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100222002$20.00
 IUD: 1930680030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100232002$20.00
 IUD: 1930690030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100242002$20.00
 IUD: 1930700030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100252002$20.00
 IUD: 2100220030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100282002$20.00
 IUD: 3396120030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100322002$20.00
 IUD: 2108270030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100382002$20.00
 IUD: 2160990030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW100472002$20.00
 IUD: 3139700030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW10172003$20.00
 IUD: 2226870030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW101112003$20.00
 IUD: 3139710030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW101202003$20.00
 IUD: 3139690030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW101242003$20.00
 IUD: 3396100030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW101292003$20.00
 IUD: 3396090030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW101352003$20.00
 IUD: 3396080030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW101362003$20.00
 IUD: 3396070030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW101422003$20.00
 IUD: 3396060030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW101462003$20.00
 IUD: 3393880030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNALW10146S2003$20.00
 IUD: 2611930030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910242004$20.00
 IUD: 2720050030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49102132004$20.00
 IUD: 2853910030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49102142004$20.00
 IUD: 2853920030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49102152004$20.00
 IUD: 2853930030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49102162004$20.00
 IUD: 2853940030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49102172004$20.00
 IUD: 2853950030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49102182004$20.00
 IUD: 3303720030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49102222004$20.00
 IUD: 3213170030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49102362004$20.00
 IUD: 3364700030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49102462004$20.00
 IUD: 4084440030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910312005$20.00
 IUD: 4084450030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910322005$20.00
 IUD: 4084460030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910332005$20.00
 IUD: 3622510030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910372005$20.00
 IUD: 3827120030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49103192005$20.00
 IUD: 4690260030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49103202005$20.00
 IUD: 4690270030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49103232005$20.00
 IUD: 4084470030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49103462005$20.00
 IUD: 4084480030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49103472005$20.00
 IUD: 3854260030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910412005$20.00
 IUD: 3919210030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910472005$20.00
 IUD: 3950270030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910482005$20.00
 IUD: 3919220030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910492005$20.00
 IUD: 4084500030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104102005$20.00
 IUD: 4084510030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104112005$20.00
 IUD: 4084540030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104142005$20.00
 IUD: 4084560030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104162005$20.00
 IUD: 4084570030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104172005$20.00
 IUD: 4084580030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104182005$20.00
 IUD: 4084590030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104192005$20.00
 IUD: 4096820030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104212005$20.00
 IUD: 4329800030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104352005/06$20.00
 IUD: 4528630030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104392005/06$20.00
 IUD: 4771720030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104412005/06$20.00
 IUD: 4771680030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104422005/06$20.00
 IUD: 4771660030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104442005/06$20.00
 IUD: 4771640030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104462005/06$20.00
 IUD: 4771650030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49104472005/06$20.00
 IUD: 4771630030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910512007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5079740030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910592007/08$20.00
 IUD: 4810570030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49105192007/08$20.00
 IUD: 4810580030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49105202007/08$20.00
 IUD: 4810590030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49105212007/08$20.00
 IUD: 4810600030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49105222007/08$20.00
 IUD: 4810610030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49105232007/08$20.00
 IUD: 4810620030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49105262007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5725690030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49105272007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5286100030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49105482007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5079750030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910612007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5393360030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910622007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5393370030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910632007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5286120030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910642007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5286130030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910652007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5286150030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910662007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5286170030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910672007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5418940030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910682007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5422350030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4910692007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5199210030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106102007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5199220030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106112007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5199230030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106122007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5240170030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106132007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5240160030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106162007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5240140030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106172007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5240150030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106182007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5286490030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106202007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5402210030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106212007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5334220030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106242007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5334230030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106252007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5334240030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106262007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5750190030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106312007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5725710030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106362007/08$20.00
 IUD: 5240190030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL49106SUP2007/08$20.00
 IUD: 7141480030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4911112013$20.00
 IUD: 7141490030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4911122013$20.00
 IUD: 7143880030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4911132013$20.00
 IUD: 7743710030-1388 OIL AND GAS JOURNAL4911552017$20.00

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