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 IUD: 125101462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHQ111999$75.00
 IUD: 2219491462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHQ412002$75.00
 IUD: 2806441462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHBM552003$75.00
 IUD: 4648961462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHBM622004$75.00
 IUD: 4648971462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHBM632004$75.00
 IUD: 4810811462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHQ6CPT2004$750.00
 IUD: 4648981462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHBM712005$75.00
 IUD: 4771391462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHBM752005$75.00
 IUD: 4648991462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHBM762005$75.00
 IUD: 4771401462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHBM71S2005$75.00
 IUD: 5199281462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHQ7CPT2005$750.00
 IUD: 4649001462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHBM812006$75.00
 IUD: 4649011462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHBM822006$75.00
 IUD: 5758721462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHQ8CPT2006$750.00
 IUD: 5169801462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM912007$75.00
 IUD: 4771381462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM932007$75.00
 IUD: 6545931462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM982007$75.00
 IUD: 5358751462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM9102007$75.00
 IUD: 5372711462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM9122007$75.00
 IUD: 5169811462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM91S2007$75.00
 IUD: 5372701462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM94S2007$75.00
 IUD: 6578861462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM1012008$75.00
 IUD: 5821621462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM1032008$75.00
 IUD: 6796141462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM12102010$75.00
 IUD: 6796151462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM12112010$75.00
 IUD: 6796121462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM121S2010$75.00
 IUD: 7376031462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM1582013$75.00
 IUD: 7613781462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM1672014$75.00
 IUD: 7613791462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM1682014$75.00
 IUD: 7613801462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM1692014$75.00
 IUD: 7613811462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM16102014$75.00
 IUD: 7613821462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM16112014$75.00
 IUD: 7613831462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM16122014$75.00
 IUD: 7613771462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM163S2014$75.00
 IUD: 7613701462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM1762015$75.00
 IUD: 7613711462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM1772015$75.00
 IUD: 7613721462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM1782015$75.00
 IUD: 7613731462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM1792015$75.00
 IUD: 7613741462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM17102015$75.00
 IUD: 7613751462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM17112015$75.00
 IUD: 7613761462-2203 NICOTINE AND TOBACCO RESEARCHM17122015$75.00

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