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 IUD: 2644260494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4482003$15.00
 IUD: 2644270494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4492003$15.00
 IUD: 2607740494-4747 korean journal of urologyM44102003$15.00
 IUD: 2661340494-4747 korean journal of urologyM44112003$15.00
 IUD: 2661350494-4747 korean journal of urologyM44122003$15.00
 IUD: 3055290494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4572004$15.00
 IUD: 3223150494-4747 korean journal of urologyM45112004$15.00
 IUD: 3223160494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4612005$15.00
 IUD: 3631630494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4662005$15.00
 IUD: 3731300494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4672005$15.00
 IUD: 3731310494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4682005$15.00
 IUD: 3731320494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4692005$15.00
 IUD: 3848320494-4747 korean journal of urologyM46102005$15.00
 IUD: 3848280494-4747 korean journal of urologyM46112005$15.00
 IUD: 3939220494-4747 korean journal of urologyM46122005$15.00
 IUD: 3958260494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4712006$15.00
 IUD: 4109090494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4732006$15.00
 IUD: 4109630494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4742006$15.00
 IUD: 4306350494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4752006$15.00
 IUD: 4251060494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4762006$15.00
 IUD: 4251070494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4772006$15.00
 IUD: 4272230494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4782006$15.00
 IUD: 4503040494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4792006$15.00
 IUD: 4991690494-4747 korean journal of urologyM47102006$15.00
 IUD: 4991700494-4747 korean journal of urologyM47112006$15.00
 IUD: 4991710494-4747 korean journal of urologyM47122006$15.00
 IUD: 4991720494-4747 korean journal of urologyM47SUPP2006$15.00
 IUD: 4991780494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4842006$15.00
 IUD: 4991810494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4872006$15.00
 IUD: 4991820494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4882006$15.00
 IUD: 5142100494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4892006$15.00
 IUD: 5142110494-4747 korean journal of urologyM48102006$15.00
 IUD: 5142120494-4747 korean journal of urologyM48112006$15.00
 IUD: 5142130494-4747 korean journal of urologyM48122006$15.00
 IUD: 5165090494-4747 korean journal of urologyM48CPT2007$60.00
 IUD: 5170400494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4912008$15.00
 IUD: 5170410494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4922008$15.00
 IUD: 5263640494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4932008$15.00
 IUD: 5263650494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4942008$15.00
 IUD: 5332670494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4952008$15.00
 IUD: 5359860494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4962008$15.00
 IUD: 5359870494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4972008$15.00
 IUD: 5411540494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4982008$15.00
 IUD: 5502030494-4747 korean journal of urologyM4992008$15.00
 IUD: 5500420494-4747 korean journal of urologyM49102008$15.00
 IUD: 5602760494-4747 korean journal of urologyM49112008$15.00
 IUD: 5602770494-4747 korean journal of urologyM49122008$15.00
 IUD: 5580000494-4747 korean journal of urologyM49CPT2008$60.00
 IUD: 5654240494-4747 korean journal of urologyM5012009$20.00
 IUD: 5746862005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5022009$20.00
 IUD: 5747982005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5042009$20.00
 IUD: 5826312005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5052009$20.00
 IUD: 5873582005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5062009$20.00
 IUD: 5873592005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5072009$20.00
 IUD: 5889492005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5082009$20.00
 IUD: 5981222005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5092009$20.00
 IUD: 5975452005-6737 korean journal of urologyM50102009$20.00
 IUD: 5975462005-6737 korean journal of urologyM50112009$20.00
 IUD: 6200212005-6737 korean journal of urologyM50122009$20.00
 IUD: 6048890494-4747 korean journal of urologyM50CPT2009$60.00
 IUD: 6036192005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5112010$20.00
 IUD: 6036202005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5122010$20.00
 IUD: 6036212005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5132010$20.00
 IUD: 6066132005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5142010$20.00
 IUD: 6162892005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5152010$20.00
 IUD: 6162902005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5162010$20.00
 IUD: 6162912005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5172010$20.00
 IUD: 6162922005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5182010$20.00
 IUD: 6270332005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5192010$20.00
 IUD: 6270342005-6737 korean journal of urologyM51102010$20.00
 IUD: 6270352005-6737 korean journal of urologyM51112010$20.00
 IUD: 6553362005-6737 korean journal of urologyM51CPT2010$60.00
 IUD: 6339172005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5212011$20.00
 IUD: 6339182005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5222011$20.00
 IUD: 6552222005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5232011$20.00
 IUD: 6403202005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5242011$20.00
 IUD: 6552242005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5252011$20.00
 IUD: 6578762005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5262011$20.00
 IUD: 6573722005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5272011$20.00
 IUD: 6578772005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5282011$20.00
 IUD: 6595092005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5292011$20.00
 IUD: 6607012005-6737 korean journal of urologyM52102011$20.00
 IUD: 6607022005-6737 korean journal of urologyM52112011$20.00
 IUD: 6682742005-6737 korean journal of urologyM52122011$20.00
 IUD: 6682772005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5312012$20.00
 IUD: 6682782005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5322012$20.00
 IUD: 6682022005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5332012$20.00
 IUD: 6682942005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5342012$20.00
 IUD: 6794602005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5352012$20.00
 IUD: 6802412005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5362012$20.00
 IUD: 6798212005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5372012$20.00
 IUD: 6797192005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5382012$20.00
 IUD: 6853672005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5392012$20.00
 IUD: 6856192005-6737 korean journal of urologyM53102012$20.00
 IUD: 6854372005-6737 korean journal of urologyM53112012$20.00
 IUD: 6903512005-6737 korean journal of urologyM53122012$20.00
 IUD: 6905492005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5412013$20.00
 IUD: 7100122005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5422013$20.00
 IUD: 6925222005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5432013$20.00
 IUD: 6923182005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5442013$20.00
 IUD: 7009442005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5452013$20.00
 IUD: 7350662005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5462013$20.00
 IUD: 7013812005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5472013$20.00
 IUD: 7010602005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5482013$20.00
 IUD: 7012132005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5492013$20.00
 IUD: 7090842005-6737 korean journal of urologyM54102013$20.00
 IUD: 7350672005-6737 korean journal of urologyM54112013$20.00
 IUD: 7101662005-6737 korean journal of urologyM54122013$20.00
 IUD: 7372762005-6737 korean journal of urologyM55CPT2014$60.00
 IUD: 7364962005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5612015$20.00
 IUD: 7364972005-6737 korean journal of urologyM5622015$20.00
 IUD: 7616202005-6737 korean journal of urologyM56122015$20.00

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