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 IUD: 85050966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURETA531998$75.00
 IUD: 892720966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURETA611999$75.00
 IUD: 1613320966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURETA6CPT1999$750.00
 IUD: 5500080966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURETA7CPT2000$750.00
 IUD: 995780966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREQ812001$75.00
 IUD: 1746390966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREQ832001$75.00
 IUD: 2256100966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREQ842001$75.00
 IUD: 2025550966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREQ912002$75.00
 IUD: 2025560966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREQ922002$75.00
 IUD: 2025570966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREQ932002$75.00
 IUD: 4006940966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1312006$75.00
 IUD: 4006950966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1322006$75.00
 IUD: 4120010966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1332006$75.00
 IUD: 4236810966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1342006$75.00
 IUD: 4236820966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1352006$75.00
 IUD: 4565140966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1362006$75.00
 IUD: 4194550966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM13CPT2006$750.00
 IUD: 5141550966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM14CPT2007$750.00
 IUD: 5542490966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM15CPT2008$750.00
 IUD: 5837270966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1642009$75.00
 IUD: 5911950966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1652009$75.00
 IUD: 5962810966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1662009$75.00
 IUD: 6028310966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1712010$75.00
 IUD: 6377650966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1722010$75.00
 IUD: 6096810966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1732010$75.00
 IUD: 6377660966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1762010$75.00
 IUD: 6293190966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1812011$75.00
 IUD: 6419030966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1822011$75.00
 IUD: 6387530966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1832011$75.00
 IUD: 6547100966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1842011$75.00
 IUD: 6601650966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1862011$75.00
 IUD: 6616000966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1912012$75.00
 IUD: 6819870966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1952012$75.00
 IUD: 6849810966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTUREBM1962012$75.00
 IUD: 6872630966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE82012013$75.00
 IUD: 6899880966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE82022013$75.00
 IUD: 6934510966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE82042013$75.00
 IUD: 6957330966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE82052013$75.00
 IUD: 6988500966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE82062013$75.00
 IUD: 7050100966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE82072013$75.00
 IUD: 7081290966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE82082013$75.00
 IUD: 7150390966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE10211/22014$150.00
 IUD: 7166140966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE10213/42014$150.00
 IUD: 7211690966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE10215/62014$150.00
 IUD: 7248990966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE10217/82014$150.00
 IUD: 7300930966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE1021CPT2014$750.00
 IUD: 7328070966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE10221/22015$150.00
 IUD: 7329480966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE10223/42015$150.00
 IUD: 7429500966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE10225/62015$150.00
 IUD: 7449780966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE10227/82015$150.00
 IUD: 7487850966-369X GENDER, PLACE AND CULTURE1022CPT2015$750.00

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