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 IUD: 2142541520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM111999$60.00
 IUD: 1770341520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM212000$60.00
 IUD: 975631520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM222000$60.00
 IUD: 2862191520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM232000$60.00
 IUD: 2862161520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM242000$60.00
 IUD: 2862171520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM252000$60.00
 IUD: 2862181520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM262000$60.00
 IUD: 2867451520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM312001$60.00
 IUD: 1050831520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM322001$60.00
 IUD: 2867461520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM332001$60.00
 IUD: 2867471520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM342001$60.00
 IUD: 2867481520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM352001$60.00
 IUD: 2867491520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM362001$60.00
 IUD: 1050821520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM3CPT2001$350.00
 IUD: 2097471520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM422002$60.00
 IUD: 2097481520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM432002$60.00
 IUD: 2097491520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM442002$60.00
 IUD: 2097501520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM452002$60.00
 IUD: 2097511520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM462002$60.00
 IUD: 4468451520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM4CPT2002$350.00
 IUD: 2477581520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM512003$60.00
 IUD: 4468441520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM5CPT2003$350.00
 IUD: 2639171520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM612004$60.00
 IUD: 2815861520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM622004$60.00
 IUD: 3002931520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM632004$60.00
 IUD: 3209771520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM642004$60.00
 IUD: 3209781520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM652004$60.00
 IUD: 4662271520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM662004$60.00
 IUD: 3302871520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM6CPT2004$350.00
 IUD: 5487951520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM7CPT2005$350.00
 IUD: 5939391520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM822006$60.00
 IUD: 5939401520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM832006$60.00
 IUD: 5939411520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM842006$60.00
 IUD: 5939421520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM852006$60.00
 IUD: 5939431520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM912007$60.00
 IUD: 5264801520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM1012008$60.00
 IUD: 5903201520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM10CPT2008$350.00
 IUD: 5903191520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM11CPT2009$350.00
 IUD: 6361511520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM1212010$60.00
 IUD: 6978641520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM1532013$60.00
 IUD: 7036121520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM1542013$60.00
 IUD: 7016921520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM1552013$60.00
 IUD: 7065141520-541X EVOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENTBM1562013$60.00

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