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 IUD: 3620710014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM10CPT1980$750.00
 IUD: 3620720014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM11CPT1981$750.00
 IUD: 3620730014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM12CPT1982$750.00
 IUD: 3620750014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM13CPT1983$750.00
 IUD: 3620760014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM14CPT1984$750.00
 IUD: 3620770014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM15CPT1985$750.00
 IUD: 3620790014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM16CPT1986$750.00
 IUD: 3620800014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM17CPT1987$750.00
 IUD: 3620810014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM18CPT1988$750.00
 IUD: 3620830014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM19CPT1989$750.00
 IUD: 3620840014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM20CPT1990$750.00
 IUD: 3620850014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM21CPT1991$750.00
 IUD: 3620860014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM22CPT1992$750.00
 IUD: 3620870014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM23CPT1993$750.00
 IUD: 3620890014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM24CPT1994$750.00
 IUD: 3620900014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM26CPT1996$750.00
 IUD: 3620910014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM27CPT1997$750.00
 IUD: 3620920014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM28CPT1998$750.00
 IUD: 4102850014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM2911999$75.00
 IUD: 2094820014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM2921999$75.00
 IUD: 2094830014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM2931999$75.00
 IUD: 2094840014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM2941999$75.00
 IUD: 2094850014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM2951999$75.00
 IUD: 2094860014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM2961999$75.00
 IUD: 1837830014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM2971999$75.00
 IUD: 1837840014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM2981999$75.00
 IUD: 1837850014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM2991999$75.00
 IUD: 1837860014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM29101999$75.00
 IUD: 1837870014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM29111999$75.00
 IUD: 1837880014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM29121999$75.00
 IUD: 3620930014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM29CPT1999$750.00
 IUD: 869130014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3052000$75.00
 IUD: 2538320014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM30CPT2000$750.00
 IUD: 3620940014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM31CPT2001$750.00
 IUD: 1971660014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3212002$75.00
 IUD: 1987700014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3222002$75.00
 IUD: 1987710014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3232002$75.00
 IUD: 4030680014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3242002$75.00
 IUD: 2434270014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3262002$75.00
 IUD: 2434280014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3272002$75.00
 IUD: 2434290014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3282002$75.00
 IUD: 2434300014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3292002$75.00
 IUD: 2434310014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM32102002$75.00
 IUD: 2434320014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM32112002$75.00
 IUD: 2434330014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM32122002$75.00
 IUD: 3117140014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM32CPT2000$750.00
 IUD: 1897150014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3312003$75.00
 IUD: 3511970014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM33CPT2003$750.00
 IUD: 4665750014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3412004$75.00
 IUD: 4025650014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3422004$75.00
 IUD: 4665760014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3432004$75.00
 IUD: 4665770014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3442004$75.00
 IUD: 4665780014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3452004$75.00
 IUD: 4665790014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3462004$75.00
 IUD: 4923100014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3472004$75.00
 IUD: 4923110014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3482004$75.00
 IUD: 4923120014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3492004$75.00
 IUD: 4923130014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM34102004$75.00
 IUD: 4923140014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM34112004$75.00
 IUD: 4923150014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM34122004$75.00
 IUD: 3503220014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM34CPT2004$750.00
 IUD: 3467600014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3512005$75.00
 IUD: 3467610014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3522005$75.00
 IUD: 3468220014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3532005$75.00
 IUD: 3467620014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3542005$75.00
 IUD: 3467630014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3552005$75.00
 IUD: 3592920014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3562005$75.00
 IUD: 3592930014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3572005$75.00
 IUD: 3730130014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3582005$75.00
 IUD: 3730140014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3592005$75.00
 IUD: 3886720014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM35112005$75.00
 IUD: 3887030014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM35122005$75.00
 IUD: 4301090014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3612006$75.00
 IUD: 5788530014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM36CPT2006$750.00
 IUD: 4663200014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3712007$75.00
 IUD: 5959290014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM37CPT2007$750.00
 IUD: 5686580014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM38CPT2008$750.00
 IUD: 5678280014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3912009$75.00
 IUD: 5867190014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM3922009$75.00
 IUD: 6059390014-2980 EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGYM4012010$75.00

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