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 IUD: 1527990141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM14CPT1992$375.00
 IUD: 1528000141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM15CPT1993$375.00
 IUD: 443090141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1611994$65.00
 IUD: 443100141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1621994$65.00
 IUD: 443110141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1631994$65.00
 IUD: 443060141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1651994$65.00
 IUD: 443070141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1661994$65.00
 IUD: 443120141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1681994$65.00
 IUD: 443130141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1691994$65.00
 IUD: 443140141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM16101994$65.00
 IUD: 443080141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM16121994$65.00
 IUD: 442960141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1711995$65.00
 IUD: 442970141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1721995$65.00
 IUD: 443000141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1741995$65.00
 IUD: 443010141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1751995$65.00
 IUD: 443020141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1761995$65.00
 IUD: 443030141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1771995$65.00
 IUD: 443040141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1781995$65.00
 IUD: 443050141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM1791995$65.00
 IUD: 442980141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM17111995$65.00
 IUD: 442990141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM17121995$65.00
 IUD: 442910141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY161811996$65.00
 IUD: 442920141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY161831996$65.00
 IUD: 442930141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY161861996$65.00
 IUD: 442940141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY161871996$65.00
 IUD: 442950141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY161881996$65.00
 IUD: 442840141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY161911996$65.00
 IUD: 442850141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY161921996$65.00
 IUD: 442860141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY161931996$65.00
 IUD: 442870141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY161951996$65.00
 IUD: 442880141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY161961996$65.00
 IUD: 442890141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY161971996$65.00
 IUD: 442900141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY161981996$65.00
 IUD: 442790141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162021997$65.00
 IUD: 442810141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162041997$65.00
 IUD: 442820141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162051997$65.00
 IUD: 442830141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162061997$65.00
 IUD: 442800141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162081997$65.00
 IUD: 442750141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162121997$65.00
 IUD: 442760141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162151997$65.00
 IUD: 442770141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162161997$65.00
 IUD: 442780141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162181997$65.00
 IUD: 442680141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162221998$65.00
 IUD: 442690141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162231998$65.00
 IUD: 442700141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162241998$65.00
 IUD: 442710141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162251998$65.00
 IUD: 442720141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162261998$65.00
 IUD: 442730141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162271998$65.00
 IUD: 442740141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162281998$65.00
 IUD: 1667210141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162351998$65.00
 IUD: 1667220141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY162361998$65.00
 IUD: 1667200141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY16231/21998$130.00
 IUD: 1667230141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY16237/81998$130.00
 IUD: 1672060141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY20241/21999$130.00
 IUD: 1672070141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY20245/61999$130.00
 IUD: 1672080141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY20248/91999$130.00
 IUD: 1837480141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY2024CPT1999$375.00
 IUD: 1837470141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY2025CPT1999$375.00
 IUD: 622560141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYSM2612000$65.00
 IUD: 2547210141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY2026CPT2000$375.00
 IUD: 2547220141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY20271/22000$130.00
 IUD: 2547230141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY2027CPT2000$375.00
 IUD: 1678740141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY202812001$65.00
 IUD: 1678750141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY20282/32001$130.00
 IUD: 2876570141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY20294/52001$130.00
 IUD: 1801620141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3012002$65.00
 IUD: 1801630141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3022002$65.00
 IUD: 1971430141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3212003$65.00
 IUD: 1935530141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3222003$65.00
 IUD: 1935540141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM323/42003$130.00
 IUD: 3075980141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3352003$65.00
 IUD: 4763640141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3412004$65.00
 IUD: 4763650141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3422004$65.00
 IUD: 4763670141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3452004$65.00
 IUD: 4763680141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3462004$65.00
 IUD: 4763690141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3472004$65.00
 IUD: 4763660141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM343/42004$130.00
 IUD: 5096960141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3512004$65.00
 IUD: 5097010141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3552004$65.00
 IUD: 5096970141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM352/32004$130.00
 IUD: 5097020141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM356/72004$130.00
 IUD: 3792020141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3612005$65.00
 IUD: 4666680141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3642005$65.00
 IUD: 4618610141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3672005$65.00
 IUD: 3792030141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM362/32005$130.00
 IUD: 4666690141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM365/62005$130.00
 IUD: 5229380141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3712005$65.00
 IUD: 3642120141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3722005$65.00
 IUD: 5229410141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3732005$65.00
 IUD: 5229420141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3742005$65.00
 IUD: 5229430141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3752005$65.00
 IUD: 5229440141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3762005$65.00
 IUD: 5229450141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3772005$65.00
 IUD: 4613860141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM37CPT2005$375.00
 IUD: 5805730141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3852006$65.00
 IUD: 5805740141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3862006$65.00
 IUD: 5805750141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3872006$65.00
 IUD: 4613770141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM381/22006$130.00
 IUD: 4613780141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM383/42006$130.00
 IUD: 5805770141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3912006$65.00
 IUD: 5805780141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3922006$65.00
 IUD: 5805790141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3932006$65.00
 IUD: 5805800141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3942006$65.00
 IUD: 5805810141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3952006$65.00
 IUD: 5805820141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3962006$65.00
 IUD: 5805830141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM3972006$65.00
 IUD: 6009450141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM40CPT2007$375.00
 IUD: 6008230141-0229 ENZYME AND MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGYM41CPT2007$375.00

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