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 IUD: 191910095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM19441993$20.00
 IUD: 191920095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM19651995$20.00
 IUD: 1553170095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM196CPT1995$60.00
 IUD: 513430095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM19911998$20.00
 IUD: 1042900095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20091999$20.00
 IUD: 2996430095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM200CPT1999$60.00
 IUD: 1042920095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20112000$20.00
 IUD: 1042930095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20122000$20.00
 IUD: 1042940095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20132000$20.00
 IUD: 1042950095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20162000$20.00
 IUD: 1042960095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20172000$20.00
 IUD: 1042970095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20182000$20.00
 IUD: 1042980095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20192000$20.00
 IUD: 1042910095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM201112000$20.00
 IUD: 1026030095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20252001$20.00
 IUD: 1026040095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20262001$20.00
 IUD: 1026020095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM202102001$20.00
 IUD: 2229620095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20322002$20.00
 IUD: 1855300095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20352002$20.00
 IUD: 2427360095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20362002$20.00
 IUD: 2600980095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20412003$20.00
 IUD: 2600990095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20422003$20.00
 IUD: 2601000095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20432003$20.00
 IUD: 4234440095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM20662005$20.00
 IUD: 5857040095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL10206CPT2005$60.00
 IUD: 5857030095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL10207CPT2006$60.00
 IUD: 5857010095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL10208CPT2007$60.00
 IUD: 5856940095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL10209CPT2008$60.00
 IUD: 5856960095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021022009$20.00
 IUD: 5856970095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021032009$20.00
 IUD: 5856990095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021052009$20.00
 IUD: 6121540095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021112010$20.00
 IUD: 6121560095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021132010$20.00
 IUD: 6121580095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021152010$20.00
 IUD: 6362180095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021212011$20.00
 IUD: 6362230095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021222011$20.00
 IUD: 6362200095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021232011$20.00
 IUD: 6766570095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021242011$20.00
 IUD: 6766580095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021252011$20.00
 IUD: 6766590095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021262011$20.00
 IUD: 6362190095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021272011$20.00
 IUD: 6766600095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021282011$20.00
 IUD: 6766610095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL1021292011$20.00
 IUD: 6766620095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL10212102011$20.00
 IUD: 6766630095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL10212112011$20.00
 IUD: 6766640095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL10212122011$20.00
 IUD: 6621410095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21322012$20.00
 IUD: 6651920095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21332012$20.00
 IUD: 6862060095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21342012$20.00
 IUD: 6861150095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21352012$20.00
 IUD: 6717520095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21362012$20.00
 IUD: 6859310095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21372012$20.00
 IUD: 6822890095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21392012$20.00
 IUD: 6831380095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM213112012$20.00
 IUD: 6828400095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM213122012$20.00
 IUD: 6992390095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNAL10214CPT2013$60.00
 IUD: 7108160095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21512014$20.00
 IUD: 7107520095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21522014$20.00
 IUD: 7201350095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21542014$20.00
 IUD: 7201360095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21552014$20.00
 IUD: 7201370095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21562014$20.00
 IUD: 7215520095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21572014$20.00
 IUD: 7224720095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21582014$20.00
 IUD: 7244940095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21592014$20.00
 IUD: 7266690095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM215102014$20.00
 IUD: 7285690095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM215112014$20.00
 IUD: 7289850095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM215122014$20.00
 IUD: 7323740095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21612015$20.00
 IUD: 7318250095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21622015$20.00
 IUD: 7339230095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21632015$20.00
 IUD: 7391690095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21642015$20.00
 IUD: 7370260095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21652015$20.00
 IUD: 7428220095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21672015$20.00
 IUD: 7639760095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM216CPT2015$60.00
 IUD: 7525280095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21712016$20.00
 IUD: 7582850095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21732016$20.00
 IUD: 7582860095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21742016$20.00
 IUD: 7596950095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21752016$20.00
 IUD: 7611680095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21762016$20.00
 IUD: 7627830095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21772016$20.00
 IUD: 7639100095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21782016$20.00
 IUD: 7662950095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21792016$20.00
 IUD: 7753310095-8948 ENGINEERING AND MINING JOURNALM21832017$20.00

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